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Are you prepared to take advantage of the dramatic disruptive nature of the changing Industry? What products and services will drive your sales? How do you grow profitable and gain market share during uncertain times in a rapidly changing market? Can you do more for your employees, customers, investors and partners? Is your future survival on the line today?

If you are like most aftermarket and suppliers manufacturers with a vision, goals and a mission, you can relate to these questions. Learn how to win in the new aftermarket game, leverage the market uncertainties to your advantage and grow your triple bottom line. 

How to stay ahead of the perfect storm
How to be innovative during times of uncertainty
Remain competitive in a changing market
Enable service to become a competitive advantage for you
How to find an amount equivalent to 7% of your total annual sales

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The WOLK Automotive Aftermarket Accelerator Program for high achieving focused professionals. If you want to win in the new aftermarket game today, you’re going to need the right skills, the right mind-set, specific to the automotive aftermarket.

WOLK provides educational opportunities in business management and leadership topics

A very exclusive programme, we only take on a small selective group every year to help you really reach your full potential, while growing the business and improving the bottom line.

100% focused on the professional development needs of people working in the automotive aftermarket industry

Aftermarket programs for any professional working in the automotive aftermarket that wants to develop their business management and leadership skills.  

Course Overview:

Leadership and INFLUENCE

A recent CMI report found that 43% of workers rate their line managers as ineffective, failing to recognise or support their talents. Senior level leadership principles will help you understand the most powerful skills of world class leaders. From Advanced Neurosciences techniques to leadership mind-set frames and experiential exercises, this workshop will push your ability to influence others, move projects and strategies forward, be seen as a leader in you industry and manage others (employees or external contractors) with a more powerful approach. This workshop will boost your confidence and understanding of how the top leaders create powerful teams and followers in their companies and in the market place. Lead by Roberto Dal Corso.

Pain Points:
The tangible financial costs of poor leadership and the links to failure to achieve business goals. Can your organisation really afford the impact of poor leadership in these uncertain times full of change? 

Less than optimal leadership practices cost the typical organisation an amount equal to 7% of their total annual sales

9% to 32% of an organisation’s voluntary employee turnover can be avoided through better leadership skills

Better leadership can generate a 3 - 4% improvement in customer satisfaction scores which correspond to a 1.5% increase in sales growth

Poor Leadership practices cause most organisations to operate with 5 - 10% productivity deficiency. Costing organisations millions each year.

Executives and senior-level managers
Mid-level, new managers or supervisors
Customer service employees and their managers

All employees who have internal and external customers




Leadership behaviours inspire, motivate, influence and engage others, accelerating development. This is easier said than done. The pressure on managers today, to drive success and change across the organisation is significant.

Managers lead their business through change and growth, keep customers satisfied while maintain employee engagement. Skilled leaders drive high performance in organisations, deliver on projects, sales, budgets, timelines and service customers. Translating the strategic vision, goals, and priorities to their teams. Setting the pace for execution and personal accountability. The leadership mind-set of influencing others, inspire teams to achieve more that they believe is possible starts with the simple notion that you can’t lead others before you can lead yourself. 

Understand how to build rapport and working relationships with those you chose to lead and influence

Align yourself, your heart, head, hands and habits with this transformative leadership model 

Discover the difference between power-based and purpose-based leadership 

Uncover how pride and fear are inhibiting your individual and organisational effectiveness

Acquire practical tips for measuring performance and navigating those you lead though change

Establish meaningful goals that are rooted in your vision and core values to help guide you in decision making

Define and recognize a range of leadership and influencing styles

Match leadership or influencing styles to a variety of situations

Describe their own preferred leadership and influencing styles

Build daily habits that will foster personal growth and drive long term success

Course Overview:

Sales & Negotiation

This workshop will focus on sales and closing techniques. Learn to close deals effectively 1:1, influence partnership deals to move forward. As customers steadily become more confident and proficient at negotiating with suppliers, it is essential that organisations have skilled sales negotiators that are able to effectively close deals that add value for the client. Together with maintaining organisational profitability and a positive ongoing working relationship, ensures the outcome is advantageous to both parties. Negotiation techniques will be taught (sales and negotiation simulations) to challenge your skills and train you to be able to take more money off the table for each deal, while leaving the other person feeling good! Lead by Roberto Dal Corso personally!

The workshop is designed for those who are responsible for negotiating with customers in a sales environment. Also, it is for those who are new to sales negotiation or existing sales negotiators who wish to re-examine and enhance their current skills.

Pain Points:
Research shows that a 1% increase in discount, results in an 8% decrease in operating margin. However, research shows that this price concession isn’t necessary. In fact, findings from Bain & Company show that in many cases, customers are willing to pay more. In a survey, 82% of respondents stated that they “strongly agree” that they would pay an average of 4.2% more for a “high-quality” product. By controlling perceptions of value, sales negotiators can preserve or even increase the deal size. 

Lower margins

Unsatisfied customers

Reducing profitability

Missed opportunities

Sales representative employees and their managers
Customer service employees and their managers

All employees who have internal and external customers




In today’s highly competitive world, where many organisations offer similar products and services, the distinguishing difference and therefore competitive edge comes from an organisations’ ability to deliver a legendary level of customer intimacy.

Additionally, the ability to negotiate is vital. No other skill can achieve such an immediate tangible financial result for your organisation. Successful negotiators save time, money and put you first. They are more productive.

Understand the importance of the emotional sales and negotiation process

Effectively prepare and plan for negotiations

Understand how to build rapport and working relationships with clients

Reach a win-win solution with clients

Adopt a confident approach using negotiation as a sales technique

Learn how to close and gain agreement

Develop a personal action plan and a sales strategy

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• How to stay ahead of the perfect storm
• How to be innovative during times of uncertainty
• Remain competitive in a changing market
• Enable service to become a competitive advantage      for you
• Grow your market share during times of change          and uncertainty
• How to find an amount equivalent to 7% of your          total annual sales

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